Hi, I’m Josh and O'Holloran Design Co. is my shop focused on user interface design, front-end development, and brand identity creation.


My name's Josh Holloran. I'm a designer, copywriter, and front-end developer in the great city of Portland, OR.

In my opinion, great design isn't just about making things pretty. Don't get me wrong, attention to pixel-perfect detail & stunning graphics are my thing. But great design involves an obsession for critical thinking, best practices, bleeding edge technologies, and cultural relevance. It looks beyond proposed executions to the essence of an idea, extracting its goals and inherent problems to apply expertise in formulating the most elegant solution.


You listen and interpret my intentions and project direction better than anyone I've worked with."

Clarence Wooten
Entrepenuer & Founder of Arrived App for iPhone

With 10+ years experience, I currently work for mobile startup recently acquired Meridian Apps during the day and run O'Holloran Design on nights and weekends — you know, when sane people do things like sleep, etc...

My passion is helping people translate dreams into usable realities, great ideas into tangible tools, challenging problems into satisfying answers.

Have a project? I'd love to hear about it. And thanks for stopping by!


Really great job. Honestly, this definitely exceeded our expectations. I think you nailed the concept."

Matt Kurtis
Nine-Zero Labs